Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fight for your right to chapati

This was a party I hosted at my place, titled the "Chapati Party", or just "Cha-Party" (I can't tell you how pleased with myself I was in coming up with that name). It was a worthy successor to last year's Malaysian-themed night entitled "Dirty Roti Scoundrels" (I should so write headlines for tabloid newspapers).

Being the honorary (read: wannabe) Indian that I am, Aveena (an actual Indian) and I taught the rest of the gang how to make chapatis (flat bread), and everyone had to make their own. A kind of Ikea approach to a party perhaps, but it was fun. We also made masala chai and a couple of folks had a go at tareking the tea (pouring it from jug to jug to aerate it) - fortunately I had plenty of paper towels handy. Not all of it ended up on the floor.

Obviously, chapatis and chai do not a dinner make, so I whipped up some Indian food to accompany (shahi paneer, chana dal, mixed vegetable curry, tomato salad, raita and saffron rice, with gajjar halwa and kheer seviyan for dessert, and three kinds of lassi - rose, mango and cardamom.)

The 3-finger sign in this last pic represents Malaysia. These Malaysians are showing their ghetto side. Scared?

Thanks Jason, Sheree and Aveena for the photos.

Alternative names involving bad puns for this post I considered:

Chapati all night long
Chapati people
Chapati on, dude
I likes to chapati

Yes people, I actually am that lame.

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  1. Chris man,

    I'm truly inspired by your post. Will endeavor to have my own Cha-party and Dirty Roti Scoundrel soon and let you know how it went. :)

    Thanks for the idea!