Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Claus - profile of a sex offender

“He knows when you are sleeping…. He knows when you’re awake”

As Christmas draws closer and closer, ponder on this:

You are a parent of young children. You get word that there is a fat bearded stranger lurking around your neighbourhood giving out presents to children and encouraging them to sit on his lap. He has apparently been watching your children’s every move for the last year. One night soon, he plans to wait until everyone is asleep, then climb stealthily onto your roof and into your house through the chimney.

“Honey, get the f@#*ing shotgun!”

On a briefly serious note though, I do wonder if fairytales like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy may contribute to children’s susceptibility to falling prey to pedophiles. Someone should do a study on that.

Just pondering, that’s all.


  1. dunno, chris. i think our society/culture has been hijacked into reading paedophilia into situations where, in more innocent (naive?) times, nothing of that sort would have been implied/meant/occurred... just b/c of the media barrage on the subject. it's an easy topic to drum up a witch hunt on and boy does the media love it for that reason.