Friday, July 4, 2008

Racists are out to get me! Aiyah!

I don't wanna come across like I think I'm being oppressed or anything, or that "The Man" has it in for me, but I've been a victim of racism this week. Twice actually, which is the weird thing. Pure coincidence I'm sure. One was kind of funny, the other was a bit more disturbing.
Anyway, the first incident involved some mofo drawing a swastika and writing "WHITE POWER" in texta on the back of my passenger-side rear-vision mirror. Because it was not in a part of my car that I look at frequently, I'm not sure how long it was there - could have been days before I noticed it. This also means I don't know where it happened, although most likely it would have been in the street outside my house.

Now as racist attacks go, writing a slogan on someone's car is fairly mild, but it's the sort of thing that can do your head in if you give it some thought. Questions flood your mind: Who did it? Why? Was it completely random, or did they actually know the car belonged to a person of colour and that's why they did it? Was it just some stupid kids with too much time on their hands trying to get a power buzz from committing an anti-social act - or something more sinister?

I've come to the conclusion that it's probably random senseless act of teenage bravado, but it's hard to shake those nagging possibilities.

My mate Sid suggested staking out my place with some baseball bats... except I don't own a baseball bat. Will a badminton racquet do?

The second incident was a week later. Having just had dinner (at the excellent Italian eatery "Mr Wolf" in St Kilda) with my parents and another Indonesian friend, we had just left the restaurant when a passing dodgy-looking guy starting ranting incoherently. Something about Asians taking over the country, a few swear words thrown in for emphasis.

Hardly threatening in this case. Funny if anything. I smiled and gave the standard response to being abused by random passing idiots: "Jesus loves you, my friend!"

No response to that, he just kept walking and raving. Something about Asians stealing jobs. I shouted back, "That's right, we're here to take your job!" since careers as drug-addled-vagrants are highly sought after by Asian go-getters. I think the irony was lost on him however.

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  2. I think you wrote it on your car so you could bitch about racism

  3. @ Anon:
    Yeah, I have nothing better to do with my life.


  4. I'm from Hong Kong, living in a medium sized city in England right now. And man, my week has been an especially racist one so far! Monday: walking home from work, dude speeds past with window down and yells "CHINK!"... -_-
    Tuesday: riding my bike past some white teenagers, one of boys starts mimicking the "Chinese" language, "Ching chong ling mong eghhh"... o_O

    ...Both scenarios have happened to me numerous times before while living in this ignorant-a$$ city. It's like the British population here live like those from "The Village". Half the time it's drunk white guys too. Once, walking home from work at night through the city, I had 3 intoxicated people behind me - one guy said, "why are there so many Pakis and Chinks?!?!" I was walking with a Polish friend of mine, I dismissed it and vented to him instead of getting physical on some drunk douche bags.

    When it happens, I'm partially (surprisingly still) shocked that it still happens, yet instantly consumed with rage...but by time I've pulled myself together, they're lucky that I'm no longer anywhere near them! ..and I start thinking about taking the high road with the comebacks next time it happens.

    I've thought of coming back with intellect, e.g. "Do you know how many pure English descendants actually reside in England?? You might wanna use those big Caucasian eyes of yours to do some research instead of spending time hollering racist comments", "If you feel so strongly about the Chinese, you might wanna throw away 98% of your personal belongings..."
    You got any good comebacks to those specific racist insults bro?


  5. So you have proof it was a white person? So If I wrote Black Power on your car I'm black? Dipshit

    1. I didn't realise that writing racist pro-white slogans on cars was something than non-white people are doing these days.

  6. And they say they don't have racism. All countries have racism, Australia has some serious racism and until they acknowledge it nothing can be done I guess.