Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sex scandal rocks Formula 1

You may have read in the news recently about Max Mosley, the 67-year old boss of the FIA, Formula 1 racing's governing body, who found himself under pressure to resign his post. His misdeed? Being caught on video by News of the World engaging in a 5-hour sado-masochistic orgy with 5 prostitutes, who were all dressed in SS uniforms; Mosley allowed himself to be subjected to various degrading treatments, then beat the women with a leather whip while giving them orders in German. All of which cost him a cool £2,500 in cash.

Sounds like another attack of the wowsers. Why, what man among us has never had a marathon S&M session with hookers dressed as Nazi guards once in a while? Sounds like a typical Saturday night for me, except my German ain't so crash hot.

I just want to know how a 67-year old man has the energy, let alone the time, to cavort with ladies of the night for 5 straight hours. Doesn't he have any hobbies? Don't people garden anymore?

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