Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facebook is worse than crack

I recently heard on the radio that the networking website Facebook is costing Australian employers $5 billion in lost productivity. I can't remember much more of what was said in the news story, because at the time I was at work, on Facebook, engaged in a game of online scrabble.

I'm not sure how it got to be this way; back in April when a friend invited me to join up so I could look at her travel photos, my response was a begrudging "oh, all right then, I guess so, why not." Fast forward to the present and I'm checking it once or twice or nine times a day. The other day I was crazy busy and out all day and 24 hours expired without me checking my page - I felt like a smoker hanging out for that next ciggie.

Like a pusher, I've been advocating for my friends to join it so vigorously that it's probably scared them off, and if they finally do join they will likely avoid being my online friend for that very reason.

Being able now to see the links between friends I thought to be previously unconnected, my use of the phrase "it's a small world, huh?" has become so frequent now that it's beginning to annoy me and so I'm declaring a moratorium on it. Starting now, anyway.

I must say though, that as addictive as some of the games and applications are, such as scrabulous and traveller IQ, the vast majority of them are pointless and annoying. I could rant at this point about the zombie/ninja/aquarium applications and how stupid they are, but that would mean I'm wasting time talking about them and that would annoy me even more.

That's enough now, I've got to go get another hit. As Rick James said, cocaine's a hell of a drug, but at least most of us wouldn't do lines at work. And you can't do that with a long lost friend who's on the other side of the globe, who it turns out knows the girl you met at that party last week. It's a small world, huh?

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  1. :( it's been two days now(without facebook) and i feel like i've lost touch with civilisation.
    withdrawal symptoms indeed... baahh