Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hong Kong names, part 2

Back in April I posted some stuff about the bizarre English names sported by lots of Hongky people. I figured I was probably only scraping the surface, but little did I know to what extent!
Here are some names that have come to my attention recently:

One of my contacts in HK tells me about a man who's first name is Glamour. Apparently he is middle-aged and ugly. She also knows of a fellow named Spoon. Surname Poon. Yes, that's right, his name is Spoon Poon.

There is a Hong Kong female triathlete named Gorilla Chau. No f@*#ing kidding, I'm serious, you can look it up on Google!

I did once meet a splendid chap in Melbourne, a medical student named King Man Wan. Or King Man, as he introduced himself. Only recently did it click that if arranged in the proper Chinese fashion (family name first), his name becomes Wan King Man. Oh, dear.

The following names I owe to the facebook group "How do Hong Kong People Come Up With AWESOME English names?" You have to join facebook to see it, but it's worth it! I can't personally verify any of these, but why would the contributors lie? Truth is stranger than fiction, after all. Here is a brief selection.

Male names:
* Gayford
* Hamster
* Purple
* Monkey
* Susan
* Locust
* Distinction

Female names:
* Creamy
* Kinky Ho
* Fishball
* Pissy
* Flavour
* Convenient

If anyone can explain this phenomenon to me, please comment.

(Actually, I think "Flavour" is a totally wicked name, particularly if you are a rapper. For a Chinese girl though? I dunno.
And as bad as it is, I would love to go to parties and introduce myself "Hi! I'm Creamy.")


  1. can't remember if i told you already, but there is a dude called "Ocean" where i work!

  2. I was born and raised in Melbourne but I'm still PROBABLY gonna name my future kid paperclip.

    I used to tell people I would call them other things like `squat' `gilbert' or `gertrude' but they've lost their temporary appeal.

  3. i met a guy in china that admired my red pants. He was proud to tell me the english name he chose after much consultation:

    King Arthur


  4. i know a Chinese Singaporean who re-named herself "carrian" after watching the matrix (carrie-anne moss). she made me call her that, and everytime i did, i got this mental picture of bloody beaked vultures *ugh*

  5. "Carrian". LOL. That's actually an awesome name for a medieval fantasy villain.

  6. 1. There is no triathlete named Gorilla Chau. Don't lie.
    2. It should be Man Wan King, not "Wan King Man".