Sunday, June 17, 2007

Guess who's Asian?


Just when you thought Asians were everywhere, it turns out they're even more everywhere than you think. I'm not just talking about full-blooded Asians now, but those with a bit of Asian blood (meaning that one of their parents, grandparents or possibly the milkman, was Asian).
My mixed up Eurasian brethren are gradually taking over the world. Turn on MTV Asia and its as if you're watching some society populated exclusively by Eurasians - a portent of things to come.

Some Eurasians are easily identifiable as such - think of singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda, musician Norah Jones, Filipino/English songstress Kate Ceberano, or Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk (pictured right - Hot Damn! Surely the greatest argument in favour of East/West relations. She's part Dutch, part Chinese-Indonesian, by the way).

But here are some folks with Asian blood you may not have thought of:

Eddie Van Halen (left) - Legendary hard rock guitarist and his drumming brother Alex are 3/4 Dutch and 1/4 Indonesian.

Nicole Scherzinger (lead singer of Pussycat Dolls) (right) - Exhibit B in the argument in favour of miscegenation. She fine! Shame about the music though. She is part Filipino and part Hawaiian/Russian.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst (left)- Star left-back for Barcelona and Dutch international footballer (and possessor of one of the greatest names in football history), he's at least half Indonesian. Fellow Dutch players Denny Landzaat and Johnny Heitinga are also Indo-Dutch.

Rob Schneider (!!!!!) - the comedic actor, whose presence in a movie is a good indicator that it is stupid, is 3/4 Jewish and 1/4 Filipino.

Kate Beckinsale - British actress is 1/8 Burmese. I accidentally stumbled across a white-supremacist website in which the members were vigorously debating whether it was ethical for them to hypothetically have sex with her, as she is "racially impure". That is some f*cked-up sh*t on just so many levels. They should stick to sex with their sisters instead.

Kirk Hammett
(right) - Metallica's lead guitarist is 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Filipino.

Karen O - lead singer of US rock band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is 1/2 Polish and 1/2 Korean.

Lou Diamond Phillips - I always thought of the La Bamba actor as Native American, but it turns out his heritage also includes Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino, Hawaiian and Chinese.

Blasian, as you might guess, means half-black, half-Asian. Otherwise known as Afro-Asian. And damn, there's more of them than you think.
The best known Blasian is Tiger Woods. Regularly touted as the first black golf star, he's actually more Thai than black - in fact he's coined the term "Cablinasian" to describe his mix of Caucasian, black and Asian.
But the entertainment industry is jam-packed with Blasians - some of them you can pick, some of them are a surprise. Interestingly, many of those listed below have Caribbean ancestry, a legacy of Indian and Chinese immigration to the region.

Tyson Beckford (left)- supermodel and the face of Ralph Lauren, he is 1/4 Chinese, and the rest Jamaican with a bit of Panamanian in there somewhere.

Naomi Campbell (right)- 3/4 black West Indian, 1/4 Chinese.

Marcus Chong (right) and Rae Dawn Chong - American actors and half-siblings, their father is Eurasian comedian Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame), while their respective mothers are both black.


Diana King (right)- Jamaican R&B/reggae singer, her mother is Jamaican of Indian background.

Sean Paul - Jamaican dancehall star has - let me see if I've got this right - a Dad of Jewish-Portuguese ancestry, and a Chinese/Afro-Jamaican mother.

Apl de Ap - the Blackeyed Peas rapper (born Allan Pineda Lindo) is an Afro-Filipino.

Ashanti - R&B singer's father is half African-American and half Chinese and her mother is 3/4 Dominican and 1/4 African-American.

Amerie (right)- sexy R&B songstress is 1/2 Korean & 1/2 black.

Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (left)- TLC singer's father is Indian from Guyana, moms is African American.

Debelah Morgan (right)- yet another R&B singer, she had a smash hit with "Dance With Me" - her father is black, mother is Indian. And Debelah speaks Hindi!

Foxy Brown (left)- NYC rapper is half black and half Trinidadian Indian.

Charles Mingus - legendary jazz double-bassist (1922-79) was 1/4 black, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 English and 1/4 Swedish.

Joe Bataan - Afro-Filipino singer was born in NYC's Spanish Harlem and became a star of 70s Latin funk, singing mostly in Spanish. His daughter Asia Nitollano is a Pussycat Doll.

Ne-Yo (left)- I think the R&B star is 1/4 Chinese, 1/2 African American and 1/2 Puerto Rican.

Omar (right)- One of Britain's great soul singers, Omar Lye-Fook is some kind of blend of Chinese-Jamaican and Indian-Jamaican.

Have I missed anyone? Post a comment and let me know!

So to all my Asian brothers with brewing resentment of guys with "yellow fever" stealing all "your" women, look on the bright side - most of the people listed above are HOT (don't know how it went wrong for me though). So a beautiful world is being created and our children's generation will enjoy the benefits of it.

So go forth and cross-breed, my people! Just make sure it's consensual. And a bit of cross-breeding with yours truly wouldn't hurt either, ladies.

Asian or not?
Now here are some dudes who probably have no Asian blood, but we'll try and claim them for one reason or another.

Tana Umaga (left)- All-Blacks captain is of Samoan background, but look at the dude's eyes - there's gotta be some Asian in there somewhere. Apparently Chinese New Zealanders are big fans of him for precisely this reason.

Deco (right)- again, its all in the eyes. The Brazilian-born Portuguese football superstar looks at least part-Asian to me - which wouldn't be surprising as Brazil is full of Japanese.

Pharrell Williams (left)- the eyes, I tell you, the eyes! The R&B star, sex-symbol and uber-producer has never disclosed this, but rumours are he is Afro-Filipino.

Redman - I've heard the rapper is part Korean. However the only evidence of this I could find is that he raps a few lines in Korean on one of his albums. Which is like saying Kim Jong-Il is part English because he knows a few words of English.

Barack Obama - okay, okay, we all know his daddy is Kenyan and his moms is white American. But after they split, his mother remarried an Indonesian and moved there from Hawaii. Young Barack even spent a few years at the same Jakarta school as my nephew, before moving to the states. So if he can become US President, we Indonesians will rush to claim him.

So... why do Asians rush to claim these people as one of their own, and perhaps make a big deal of the Asian bloodlines of some of the aforementioned celebrities? And why am I so obsessed with celebrities anyway?
Well, I guess there aren't that many Asian superstar rappers, rugby players or actors out there, so we've got to cling on to whatever we can.

Besides, its not nearly as interesting as claiming, "You know my doctor/accountant/pharmacist/drycleaner/petrol station operator/dentist has Asian blood?" because, well, that just goes without saying.

"You can run now... but eventually, we're gonna hump you"
- comedian Russell Peters on the world's population eventually becoming entirely Chinese and Indian.

I could conceivably follow up this post with a "Guess who's Jewish?" article, featuring Craig David, Paula Abdul, Lenny Kravitz and Sean Paul, but I'll leave that for a Jewish person to do.

Want more on this topic? Try "Guess who's Asian?" part 2, part 3 and part 4.

An analysis of the Eurasian mystique here.


  1. Your research is extensive. I'm sure it must have really pained you to look at all these hot blasians, eurasians and cablinasians:) Em

    1. i`am not proud to be indian or asian .....i heat indian/asian ,i am going to europe ,not live in asia /india ha ha ha ha

    2. Rob Schneider is actually half Indonesian not Filipino.

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  2. 1/2 Hong Kong 1/2 KowloonianJune 21, 2007 at 12:57 PM

    "I accidentally stumbled across a white-supremacist website..." yeah tell it to the judge halfie!

    That rugby player does look kinda chinky tho.. Hey not sure if i've asked you this before but do you think it's socially acceptable for african americans to describe themselves as looking chinky (ie. as in "chingy why your eyes so chinky, is it coz you been smoking and drinking?" - Chingy)

    If so I should maybe try release a track `Blazn, why your lips so negro? is it because you're allergic to peanuts?"

  3. Dude, you've TOTALLY missed KE-A-NU!! and Dean Cain (of new adventures of Superman fame).

  4. Check out Maggie Q...

    I hate her =p

  5. Hi Sheree, yeah, Maggie Q is out of this world. But tell me, why do you girls need to hate on other girls for being beautiful?
    I don't think other men hate on me for that reason... XD

  6. HAHAHA I guess we hate them because we wish we could be as beautiful as them!

    In your case, perhaps these men may be gay, hence they wanna be WITH you XD

    Oh also check out Dennis O'Neil and Daniel Henney *major drool*

  7. Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to mention three Australian celebrities who all have Sri Lankan backgrounds - Jamie Durie, Geoff Jansz and Michael Bevan. Oh and Frankie's favourite finance news presenter, Karen Tso.

  8. rugby players? rory underwood and his brother (england's former captain) are both mixed asian-english. check those out.

  9. Regarding what you've said about Tana Umanga (All Blacks),I'm a Kiwi and have NEVER heard any Chinese NZers liking him, just because of his eyes.

    OK, I'm not Chinese, but what you've said I reckon is bull. Tana's an AWESOME player, which is why many people like him.

    It's always about the eyes with you, isn't it.

  10. REDMAN is half KOREAN(true)
    on youtube i once left a commnent about pharrell
    His eyes are Asian(he hagngs with Nigo and Chad(that says somethin)

    you left
    Kimora Lee Simmons,
    Tiger woods
    Tasha Reid

    i don`t agree with NE-YO
    dave chappelle is marrried to a FILI wife(worth a note)

  11. nice & interesting research you've done here!! little mistake you've done though: the picture of the "Black Eyed Peas" member you've put up is the completely wrong one!!! you've put picture of "Refugee Camp" group member John Forté who is incarcerated at the moment!!!

  12. I noticed there arent many half asians that have an asian dad and a non-asian mother, it may just be me but thats always bothered me :/.

    Btw i noticed when the father is asian and the mother is non-asian the child always looks more like the mother then he/she does to the asian father

  13. Tana is Chinese somewhere down the line.

  14. You forgot Tiger Woods!

    1/2 Black, 1/2 Thai. Come on.

  15. enrique iglesias is 1/2 filipino

  16. im full chinese but i loveeee the chinese black look! and love blasian guys!!!! ouchhhh

  17. Hines Ward is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 black. Plays for the steelers and is a superbowl mvp

  18. The most recent demographical data confirms the obvious --- the number of asian women who married outside their race is 3 times as high as that of asian men. This is why a happa is a lot more likely to have an asian mother.

    notable Happas you left off the list:
    Bruce Lee: 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 German (the mother is 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 German)
    Brandon Lee: 3/8 Chinese, 5/8 white

  19. Anonymous @ June 10, thanks for your contribution. I will say though that I avoided people like Bruce Lee because the focus was more on celebrities who weren't normally thought of as being Asian.

  20. man, asia is vast! someone from iran, india, korea, indonesia don't look the same and they are considered "asian" So i don't get "it's all in the eyes" thing! and all the eurasian you see on here don't look like any "asian" (that i mentioned)! and it's not all in the eyes! you can't see that they look "asian" maybe except of tyson and naomi. and i surely don't think the asians "claiming" as if it their own. most average "asian" people's probably don't even know all those people.

  21. and what do you mean by "yellow fever"? ain't that a disease?
    you white peoples have a problem with putting all the "asians" on the same or whatever side! that's racism. also, it not like that the mixed celebrity's are that eager to mention that they are part asian! i know all of them but i never hearing say that they are mixed asians! so if they don't claim that they are asians, how do the asians supposed know and claim them as theirs? Again, you can't really see that they are mixed asians!!!!!!

  22. plus as a "100%" korean trapped in europe, i claim bruce lee as ours(east asian)!!!! I know bruce lee's mother was half german but bruce lee was like 100% proud asian!
    no disrespect to "mixed asians") He is like the only one who put the real east asian culture, philosophy and of course martial arts single handly on the world map!!! respect.

  23. Anonymous @ June 10, 1:28 and 1:53PM (I'm assuming the same person wrote both entries, if not please forgive me):
    you seem to have missed the whole point of this post. I don't really have a clue what you are on about, and I suspect you don't either.

    Referring to me as "you white peoples" is not a good start, since I'm also half Asian and am proud of it.

    Don't take things too literally or the wrong way - all this blog post is saying is that there are lots of famous people out there with Asian blood which may not be apparent to the average person.

  24. ok, then i wouldn't take in wrong way if you write in right way!
    I still have problem what you wrote what asians think about mixed raced people! If a mixed person who has more asian features, white or black or latino people also don't claim as their own(maybe they claim but then diss big time their asian features!!!). so it's again double standard!

  25. Right, so the problem is that I don't write well enough. Nothing to do with you then.

    To address your criticisms, and hopefully make it simple enough for you to understand:

    Thai people are generally proud of Tiger Woods, Kenyans are generally proud of Barack Obama. Because Asians are not strongly represented in the Western entertainment industry, many are proud to see someone of Asian background (full, half, whatever) making it big. That's what "claiming" is about, and I don't understand why you are making such a big deal about it.

    And "yellow fever" is a slang term usually referring to white guys who are into Asian chicks. There are many Asian guy who are resentful about this (not all, obviously). If you don't believe me, try google.

  26. yea, whatever. i will say it last time why the terms you use is wrong. there's no point. It's not always ok to use terms because everybody uses or it's adapted in the culture! It's the same as the n-word used by non black. i have a feeling that you appreciate more your white side than your asian side, like usual. all the half asians that i knew was the same! they always talk bad about asians when i was around(maybe it was me that they didn't like but still, it's strange that i never heared some good things!!!). i don't know, maybe it's all about choice.

  27. Yes anonymous, you are correct! Obviously I am be racist against Asians. Which is why I take the time to write an entire blog that is primarily about Asian culture, hang out mostly with Chinese people, have an Indian girlfriend and spend all my holiday time on trips to Asia. Yes, I really hate Asians.

    And you are a funny one to accuse me of racism, and then claim "all the half asians that i knew was the same!"
    Guess what that comment sounds like? It begins with the letter R.

    Listen, this is primarily a light-hearted blog, which primarily celebrates Asian culture as well as occasionally poking fun. I don't have a problem with anyone criticising what I write, but if you do so it is important that you understand the context of what you read before you criticise. Otherwise you are just getting yourself worked up over your own misunderstanding, which is your fault and not mine.

  28. Now here are some dudes who probably have no Asian blood, but we'll try and claim them for one reason or another.
    I think it's a very Australian thing to do... in this case with an Asian heritage slant *yoink*

  29. Very interesting article. You can count in Rhona Mitra (the actress from Underworld:Rise of the Lycans) as an Asian as she has 1/4 Bengali Indian blood through her father.

    Lara Veronin (also known as Lara Liang amongst the Taiwanese and Chinese communities around the world), a member of the renowned Mandopop band Nan Quan Mama, is half Russian and half Taiwanese-Chinese.

  30. I was really surprised to learn actor, Mark Paul Gosselaar, was part Asian. He's part Indonesian and part Dutch.

  31. you forgot the WHITE quarter Japanese dude Chad Micheal murray and Kate beckinsale

    as for yellow fever some people need ta get over themselves with saying white poeple want to be more Oriental

    maybe the whites should say you have white fever!

    Since all Orientals dont want to know there heritage

  32. believe or not i am a eurasion...but i hate to hav an asian blood...

  33. very interesting post dude.

  34. is interesting how you put in here the different mixed between countries, and I say we can denied the excellent result in the most of case? my answer no, I mean just look it Kristen Kreuk or Kate Beckinsale.

  35. James Wong, Chigro-AmericanJanuary 20, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    Patrick Chung, New England Patriots, same mixture as Tyrese.
    BTW, Ian Fleming used the term, "Chigro." In the book, Odd Job was a Chigro.

  36. pharrell williams is 1/4 korean

  37. pharrell williams is 1/4 korean

    Any proof? I've heard this sort of thing too, but usually it's from unreliable sources. If you have something conclusive, I'd love to see it.

  38. A portent of things to come indeed, a tragic portent of things to come unless action is taken to avert such a miscegenated, mixed-up, muddied, genocidal, dead-end disaster!
    Kate Beckinsale is 1/8th Burmese...that also means that she's 7/8th's NOT Burmese!
    Kate Beckinsale is British!

    People like you have to go for this muddied, mixed-race, miscegenated're a mess yourself.

    Those of us still pure, and with a pure, homogenous nation and culture, DON'T "have" to be thrown into the blender!

    God forbid the future goes like this!


    1. shut the fuck up, you inbred piece of shit.

      hope your daughter ends up with a black baby

  39. @ Scott/Anon:

    Forgive me, but I can't work out if you are being ironic, or if you have misread what this article is about, or if you are just a cock.

  40. This is a good blog:People who show there lack of understanding look like fools.First of all,from the islands off the coast of japan to the islands off the coast of France....IT IS ASIA...and even if a great big mountain range is plonked somewhere on it,,,it just makes it east asia and west there is no such thing as a EUROPEAN,but of course we can all call ourselves what we like lol.And @ scott,you and ur kind really make me laff...(we are all different kinds lol)"portent of things to come"...ever since homo sapiens met and "mixed" with cro magnon, we been mixed race,non is pure..this is what makes me laff...another thing that makes me laff..ok laugh, is no one like to think that they black...when all homo sapiens have got some black in them...we all need to understand that when homo sapien migrated out of africa they were like the purist africans...and we know this mostly cos we have not evolved.We have mutated through environment and the mixing of cro magnon and homo sapien...cro magnon dna found only in asians and so-called euro's.

  41. This blog is awesome~ I've never really come across these stars before but i went to google them and i was amazed~ thanks for posting this findings up :D im asian btw~ I LOVE YOUR POST xD

  42. I'm 1/4 dutch,1/4 belgium and 1/2 indonesian

    awesome blog btw ;D

  43. great blog

    i'm a eurasian of portuguese indian descent from mom's side and scottish javanese descent from dad's side.

    rock on dude!

    to the naysayers - what can i say but "you don't get it" too bad cos the world's getting more mixed up by the day, whether you like it or not, and uh, ya know...... hitler's kinda.......dead.

  44. Danish/French/Dutch/German/Indian/IndonesianNovember 2, 2011 at 12:52 AM

    No Eurasian rugby players? Rory Underwood, one of the best wingers of all time, is half Chinese. (His mother was a Chinese woman of Malaysian nationality.) And there is his brother, Tony, too.

    One of the top flyhalves in the world, Francois Trinh-Duc of France, had a Vietnamese grandfather. He is also half French and quarter Italian.

    1. Eddie Jones, international rugby coach - Japanese mother and Australian father

      Francois Trinh-Duc - Vietnamese-Italian father, Spanish-French mother

  45. Marcel Nguyen a German gymnast is 1/2 Vietnamese 1/2 German. Lyoto Machida UFC mma fighter is 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Brazilian

  46. Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack from tv show Saved by the bell) mother is dutch-indonesian

  47. Most samoans have some asian in them. I went to school with alot of them and its very common for them to have asian looking eyes and/or cheekbones
    Love the All Blacks
    - kiwi

  48. You forgot Jennifer and Meg Tilly- actresses, these sisters are part-Chinese :)

  49. It has taken me ages to discover your site. Finally. This is just the information I was looking for.

  50. Nice post. I learn something more difficult on completely different blogs everyday. It is going to always be stimulating to learn content from different writers and follow a bit of something from their store.

  51. I heard, Dennis Rodman is mixed too

    1. Just googled it, he's half Filipino

    2. Interesting, though still not sure of that. His father definitely spent a lot of time in the Philippines, but that may be unrelated to Dennis himself.

    3. Don't forget Sir Ben Kingsley and Freddie Mercury!

    4. Freddie Mercury was not "mixed" in the technical sense of the word. He was from the African island of Zanzibar, but was an Indian of Gujarati origins -- very typical of Zanzibar. They have a big Gujarati population and their roots go deep as the Muslims from Gujarat have been involved with trade in Africa and the Indian Ocean trade business (which involved Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.)

    5. wasn't freddy a parsi? from gujarat, yes. but he was persian.

    6. Yup. Mercury was ethnic Persian. His father was an ambassador, so he lived in various nations.

  52. Interesting blog. I like it. We are all God's creation. We are all one in humanity.

    1. The only point to be made....I agree 100%. Great blog by the way. Peace from Abi in Kenya

  53. Aww Amerie when she was still natural. She looked good before the nose jobs and after the 1st one, but she just kept on going.

    '...has Asian blood?" because, well, that just goes without saying.' This cracked me up.

  54. I want you to thank for your time of this wonderful read!!! I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read blog!!!!

  55. Samoans are mixed with asian(chinese) and melanesian... all polynesian's are. But it's not recent the mixing happened a few thousand year's ago. So they have developed their own culture and identity. Even though technically they were created cause of asian's mixing with melanesian's(Just like how Puerto Rican's were created when african slave's mixed with european's) most dont like or want to claim their asian heritage(i know a few that do though) in fact they get mad and offended if you call them asian. They are in denial mostly due to the asian stereotype's and that's also why some filipino's deny being asian.

    1. that is so true...

      it's funny though... you put either a somoan(polynesian) or a filipino in a line up with other ethnicities, and then get random people to try and guess their ethnicity, they will be categorized as, Asian. Period.

      but i have to also agree with there are some Polynesians and/or Filipinos embrace their Asian heritage.


  56. Love this blog! Eurasian Relate! My Father is Chinese and my Mother is of a multicultural background, she's English, Irish, Jamaican (Spanish,African and Arawak), Jewish (Dutch-American and Italian), Syrian, French, Punjabi(Saini) and Mauritian descent.
    A few more notable Eurasian's from Britain and Europe would probably have to be fashion designer Gok Wan (Half Chinese, Dad is), Alexa Chung (1/4 Chinese, Grandfather is), Berenice Marlohe (Cambodian Chinese and French) she's also great in Skyfall the latest Bond movie and Mylene Jampanoi who is an actress too with amazing green eyes! (Half French and Half Chinese).
    Interesting to see how many Eurasians, Blasians and Caublasians are out there, I don't know many! All beautiful people.

  57. Nice post. This world is changing. Our family are mixed with many races. European ( German,Scotish ),Samoa, mongolian, Chinese , Indonesian . My children are beautiful and very bright.

  58. Anthony Neely is also a Eurasian- european-taiwanese. Born in Canada

  59. I am mixed, but I am not really accepted in the Eurasian community. Mother is full Northern Indian. My dad is half Indian and half Eurasian. The Eurasian side is mixed of such a diversity that the term Eurasian itself for the country I was born in, has a stamped and approved racial recognition of its own, as a singular being and the lineage dates back to colonial times. Therefore my dad is 'half'. So what am I? I guess Indian-Eurasian? Or Eurasian. My children are Eurasian by the very definition. Their father is European and mixed. They look like they are fair Italians, with a more celtic mix or have a Portuguese ancestor (From me, yes there is Portuguese) Their blue eyes dominated my brown.

  60. Also check out Kylee Saunders! She's really pretty and she is half Japanese and half white <3 (:

  61. ...and Bruno Mars? :)

  62. So to all my Asian brothers with brewing resentment of guys with "yellow fever" stealing all "your" women, look on the bright side - most of the people listed above are HOT (don't know how it went wrong for me though). So a beautiful world is being created and our children's generation will enjoy the benefits of it.

    This can also refer to mixed race people too, especially Eurasians and Blasians, who like Asian women as well as talk to them, thinking that they're not Asian enough, etc. They're the worst targets ever of this yellow fever stereotype. The reason guys would be like this is because it seems like they want their kids to look like them and be theirs. Even grandparents want their grandkids to look like them and be theirs too. It's like saying guys of different races can easily dirty the bloodline or something while girls of different races can't. When girls marry out of their race, they lose their family name and the kids seem to look different. When guys do the same, they keep their family name and their kids seem to look the same, especially in the case of Asians. It may sound like gender based double standards of interracial marriage.

  63. Ok, so you are slightly off in some of your findings. I think with Pharrell you were reaching a bit there, nothing about him looks even remotely Asian, let alone Filipino. Plenty of people of African descent have slanted/tight eyes, doesn't mean they are mixed with Asian.

    Anyway, With Tiger Woods, he is not mostly Thai. He is 50% Asian but 25% of it is Thai, the other 25% is Chinese (from mom's side). He is also 25% black, 12.5% Native American and 12.5% Dutch. (Dad is Half black, and 25% Dutch and Native American respectively).

    Nelly the rapper is also like 15% Vietnamese, and I have also heard the same thing about Redman being half Korean, though he has never confirmed or denied this, and in his Wiki, it is interesting that his Early Life section is completely blank, which could be out of respect for his Korean mom (if it is true that his mom is Korean), due to the lifestyle he leads (encouraging weed smoking, things like that).

    Naomi Campbell is also mixed with Chinese; her Great or Great-Great grandmother's last name is Ming. She also shows some features in her face.

    There are plenty of Asian mixed successful artists out there. You've got Tasha Yoon Mi Rae Rogers (born in the US, moved to Seoul and is one of the first hip-hop pioneers in Korea, she is fluent in both English and Korean mom is Korean, Dad is black, though she looks 100% Korean to the untrained eye, unless she wears her hair in its natural curly state, then you can see the black, plus her skin looks slightly tanned), Crystal Kay Williams (Half Korean, Half Black, born and raised in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese and English, and has created a huge platform in Japan for other mixed race individuals), Angela Aki, Jero (I think it's his grandmother that's Japanese; he is a successful recording artist in Japan and sings Japanese enka music in memory of his grandmother), many others out there.

    Nicki Minaj is reportedly also of Indian-Afro-Trinidadian descent.

    Kimmie Vic.

    Although it hasn't been made clear, since her Wiki is a bit limited, Corinne Bailey Rae might be of part Asian descent; she definitely looks it.

    Jhene Aiko is mixed with a bunch of shit, but she is like 1/8 Japanese from her mom's side (mom is Japanese, Spanish and Dominican, dad is a whole slew of stuff, like 6 races, but if I were to sum it up, Black, Native American and German Jewish descent). So everything she's mixed with is about 16.7% of each race. But the point is, Japanese is there.

    Singer A.I. (real name is Ai Corina Uemura) is Italian and Japanese, originally born in Los Angeles, was even a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson at some point, eventually moved to Japan to persue her singing career. Both parents are half of each, so there is an even mix there and so she remains half of each as well. Kind of cool, have never seen this happen before.

    Thelma Aoyama is Afro-Trinidadian and Japanese.

    Emi Maria is half-Japanese half-Papua New Guinean.

    Anyway, there are plenty more I could name, but what's the point? lol


    1. I should edit that. Tasha's last name is not Rogers, it's Reid. I always confuse her last name with Amerie's since their given names and last names are easy to mix up (Amerie's middle/Korean given name is Mi Marie and Tasha's is Yoon Mi Rae. Amerie's last name is Rogers, Tasha's is Reid). Anyway, just wanted to clear that up lol.

  64. You forgot to mention Tyga (his mother is half Vietnamese). Great post by the way.

  65. Japanese Pop singer Crystal Kay is 1/2 Korean, 1/2 African American. Japanese model/actress Anna Tsuchiya (sp?) Is Japanese-Polish

  66. Ben Henderson mma fighter 1/2 Korean & 1/2 Black, Chanel Iman a top model 1/4 Korean & 3/4 Black

  67. Will Demps & Marcus Demps (brothers) football players, 1/4 Black, 1/4 Puerto Rican & 1/2 Korean

  68. Daniel Moshe Johnson wrote:

    Africa is not the original name for the famed and defamed territory, It was once Ophir, and apart of the Medo Persian Empire.

    The history of blood origins you would think, who end all racism and highlight the true enemy of humanity.


  70. well this is 1-10 in samoan language... 1 tasi 2 lua 3 tolu 4 fa 5 lima 6 ono 7 fitu 8 valu 9 iva 10 sefulu... sounds familiar doesn't it? :)

  71. Mixing is an unwritten chapter of human history,
    and one of the oldest

  72. Curious: why should one be "proud" of a happenstance one had nothing to do with? No one chooses their ethnicity or place of origin. It's not an achievement. And whether one's ancestors achieved something is irrelevant, one had nothing to do with what happened in the past. Tribalism is a strange thing. How muh violence and suffering has resulted from ethnic "pride"?

    1. Yes you're right, I should probably remove this blog post in order to prevent violence and suffering.

  73. Indian men statistically marry out more than Indian women and white women travel by the millions to Goa, India to be pleased by Indian men, go to Google and type in Passion knows no borders.

  74. Asian and black genetics don't mix well.

  75. Eurasian just means any descendant of Eurasia by the way.... Asians & Europeans alike. The words "Europe" and "Asia" are only distinctions of East & West Eurasia. It's one continent, one people.

    Eurasian doesn't necessarily have to be a 'mixed' person of East & West Eurasian ancestries.

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  81. I think of actress Phoebe Cates Private School, Fast Times at Ridgemount High, etc.). Apparently her original last name was Katz. Her father's Jewish; for her mother, I've heard of her being either Chinese or Filipino (it's hard to distinguish, as a number of Chinese have lived in the Philippines).

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