Saturday, April 21, 2007

Travel warning!

Attention to all travellers:
When transiting through Hong Kong, make sure that you adjust your watch or mobile phone to local time (which is 1 hour ahead of Jakarta time). Failure to do this may result in you missing your flight because you are sitting around eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream and buying Alize at the Duty Free Shop, thinking you have plenty of time before you need to go to the departure gate. This may result in you having to spend the next 18 hours stuck in Hong Kong airport, cursing your stupidity and likening yourself to Tom Hanks in "The Terminal".

Not that I would ever do something you stupid... it kinda happened to "some guy I know".


  1. This blog you have made here. It is good. Very glad you went public ... especially with your middle name, Hash Ward Hanna.

    Just a friendly heads up... next time you talk ill of my kind I will expel my nasal passages using the `one finger one nostril technique' all over your windscreen.

    Peace and good thoughts man. See you tonight.